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Written by Bhushan Bhuvanagiri   
Wednesday, 05 March 2008 23:26

What is team work and why is it that important?

The crucial part of a developing organisation in its growth is incorporating the habit of working as a team and distributing the work load. No matter how small the organization, it is important for each and every one to work as part of a team and achieve success at every stage. Most of us do know how important it is to work in a team. However, many have not understood how build effective teams and how to develop effective team work. This article will help you understand what teamwork is, and how to achieve team work especially in a Non-Profitable Organisation.

But when it comes to a non-profitable organization, how do they achieve team work?

In normal organisation, where profit is the motive, it is easy to motivate the members by remuneration or promotion. In non-profitable organizations, the team is working without prospects of profit or financial benefit.  Hence, it is important to analyse the strengths/weaknesses of each and every member in the organization. With respect to what he/she is comfortable with, it is important for the executive members of the team to assign them with the most appropriate work. This can be achieved when we identify his/her background and capabilities. This way, we provide to each member, the job she can handle comfortably. But, not all can be good at leadership. It is important for us to understand that many would want to be in a leadership post but only few are qualified. In such kinds of situation, ego gets mismatched and attitude becomes a problem. Hence, it is important for us to bring a very healthy and understanding environment and educate members of the organisation to work together.


In most of the non-profit organisations it is important to realise that the bigger portion of the members of their organization are between the ages of 18-35 years. These people already have a job, but  when they have leisure, volunteer to do work in such organizations, for which they do not get any monetary benefit. In such kinds of organizations it is important for the executive members to organize and motivate members to achieve goals in such a way they don’t make members feel exhausted. If the members experience too much burden, they might withdraw from volunteering. So, it is important to bring about a very social, comfortable and non burdensome method of accomplishing jobs.  Hence, it is important for the executive members of such organizations to find a perfect balance between fun and work level that is accepted by their members.


 Key to Achieving Successful Team Work

 In every successful team there is a role of team leader and manager. The role handled by the manager or team leader is very crucial, since any mismatch in the decision might lead to the downfall of the project. As a team leader or a manager, it is important to read your fellow team mates. Understand what they have in their minds. Know what are their strengths and weakness. Then, let them know what the project demands. Let them take the responsibility, and observe them at every step. Make them feel as an important part of project. Since everyone is a volunteer, it is important for you to understand their needs. Some or most have families and have to make a perfect balance of managing their work along with family and volunteer as a service to humanity.

Following factors deeply influence the success of the team

  • ·         Select members having necessary skills and attitudes, so that nobody feels they are overburdened.
  • ·         Create an atmosphere of devotion to work
  • ·         Clearly explain to all members what is expected from them and make them accountable
  • ·         Ensure that all members have complimentary skills
  • ·         Coordinate among the members to eliminate any misgivings
  • ·         Ensure an effective system of communication between all members
  • ·         Genuinely appreciate the efforts put forth by members so that they have a feeling of satisfaction



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