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Written by Christian Yaw Gbewordo   
Thursday, 07 February 2008 14:14

Does your current job permit you develop yout career?
Are your skills and talents being recognised?
Have you got an ardent desire to develop your career?

Planning, intermittent career stock-taking, skills and knowledge-base update are essentials for any employee desiring to grow and develop his/her career. In this presentation I will seek to give some pointers any career-oriented employee can pursue to stay focused and competitive in achieving career goals.

Who Am I?
Many war generals have said that to win a battle you need to know and understand yourself more inasmuch as you should know your enemy.

You should have a vivid picture of your strengths and weaknesses, what causes you to excel and what doesn't and as always play to your strengths - make sure your job will give you the opportunity to play to your strengths. There isn't yet a perfect human, even roses with all the beauty, charm, elegance, aura, ... have thorns so don't let you weaknesses pin you down.

Immerse Yourself With The Organizational Culture.
In order to surge your motivation and enthusiasm for your job you need to understand the organisation's strategy, direction, the company philosophy, respect the team leaders and believe in the organisation. Pledge and continually renew your allegiance to the organisation with your attitudes and actions. It will pay you good dividends.

Put Your Shoulders To The Task
Boldly taking on responsibility and accepting the corresponding consequence is a mark of a career-oriented employee. If we all decide to stay in our shelves we can't achieve much. Don't run away from extra duties and responsibilities in the office. When you have confidence in your own achievements in the office and you teach others to have confidence in you. Take well-thought-out risks, knowing the corresponding ramifications and you'd enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Goal-Setting Leads To Goal-Getting
Apart from my personal, family, financial, academic and other goals, I need to have a professional goal. The bible says in the book of Proverbs that hope deferred, makes the heart sick, so in order not to have a professional goal that's always far away in the horizon, I'd suggest you set timelines weekly, monthly and yearly and the achievement of these milestones will raise your confidence to tackle the more intimidating ones.

Your Skills Should Be Shoulder To Shoulder With The Times
Two things - either you put polite, diplomatic pressure on your employers to give you the necessary training to perform creditably or you go for the training yourself online or in a class room after working hours. Some employers might not be so much interested in training even when you inform them, sound enthused about it, crave for it, emphasize the added-value to your work, they'd still not budge. In this event, assess the cost of that course, budget and plan for it and then GO for it. You'd reap the dividends later in your career.

'Kasapa' - Good Talk, Great Value
There's an art to being assertive not aggressive. Many people confuse the two. The art include due consideration of the psychological moment - timing - logical presentation of your views and ideas, personal reflections on the viability of your own ideas/views if put to the test, and being attentive and appreciative of others' ideas. No man is an island so you have to be careful not to disaffect and estrange yourself from colleagues, supervisors and subordinates because you need them to work as a team in order to succeed.

Watch Your Step - That's A Mine: Politicking In The Office
Office politics are very deadly, bloody game that I'd not advice anyone to get involved. It's like a weakling with no guards threatening a mafia boss. It's like a minefield. Apart from causing you to lose focus on your official responsibilities for which you were employed, it's got disastrous and catastrophic ramifications. Please play it safe. Keep off office politics. It's a minefield and a bottomless pit.

Be Extensile
Your employers need to see genuine commitment from you that you are someone who is flexible with regards to time - coming in earlier than normal reporting time and staying in later after the closing time to engage in productive results-oriented work for the organisation. Such genuine flexibility to give a lifeline to project deadlines can earn you marks to climb the corporate ladder in a reasonable short period of time. Please don't fake and pretend so you're applauded to be the one who works long hours. Genuinely sacrifice and kill yourself a lil' for the organisation.

Be A Mentee And A Mentor
In the larger scheme of things, as someone above you pulls you up, you also pull those below you up. To facilitate the growth of your career, you need a mentor in the office to give you an honest appraisal - someone you can have honest, fearless and uninhibited 360 degree discussions on challenges with your assignments, the relationships you have to manage at work. With the kind of deliberations it will be appropriate to choose someone who's not your direct supervisor. You should also endeavour to be a mentor for someone junior, even if you they don't approach you. (I'd present a detailed article on mentoring later.)

It's A Goal - I've won
Victory is sweet, more so if it is hard won. Youíd be a winner in your office if you crave for success, stay loyal, have the strength of mind and fortitude to achieve your goals, focus your energies on your assignments, work with passionate enthusiasm and discernment to be at the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.

Thank you for reading. I trust you've gleaned some useful lessons to transform your career. God bless us all as we seek to develop our careers. Be the Best you can in the office

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