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Welcome to the Reader's Orientation!

New to the Platform?
We'll guide you through with orientation videos and quick answers to your questions!

In this section you will find answers to your questions such as :

  • Who is the platform for?
  • What is different about this website?
  • What can I do on the website?
  • How can I navigate on this website?
  • What other projects is the Platform involved in?
  • Who runs to the Platform?

We invite you to use the right-hand side menu to explore these questions.



Who is this Platform for?

The Platform for Innovation and Leadership is tailored to successful university students and young professional leaders in the lead of non-for-profit organizations.

This means primarly presidents of associations and organizations, highly involved executives, district and national representatives of organizations. 


 How is it different from
all the other websites?



A Community First

The Innovation and Leadership Platform is first and foremost a community of like-minded leaders that live the same experience, all over the world.  Writers from Taiwan, Germany, Canada, Ghana, USA, New Zealand, Australia and Greece work together to share with you the best of their experience.  Furthuremore, this website is highly interactive in its content and features to tailor to your needs and to welcome your contribution.  More than a resource center with answers to various questions, it is a place for friendship development and facilitating networking amongst young leaders.


Created with you in Mind

 Leadership such as it is viewed on the Platform is not about performing certain tasks (running a meeting, managing projects, etc.)  It is a way of life and therefore we try to create the most well-rounded center for young leaders with very specific characteristics : dynamic, passionate, balancing student or work life with their commitment to helping the community, who value healthy living and still take time to unwind.


The Platform : A Centralized, One-Stop Resource

There are many articles out there which speak of the life of management or ideals of leadership, but browing through them can be a time-consuming prospect.  The writers of the Platform are all university students, young professionals and established professionals, connecting together to share their experience and knowledge.  At the end of every article, you find references for the articles, inviting you to explore different topics in more depth.  The information you find on the website is :

  • accurate, because of the research and publication process that goes into it
  • timely, because articles are always writen with the latest sources available
  • clear, because we are committed to delivering great quality material
  • pertinent, because of the systems we use to select our writers and because of the classification, tagging and linking systems that connect the information throughout the website
  • all-rounded, because we believe leadership is a lifestyle and encompasses more than solely management.


 What can I do
on this website?

This website is easily navigable and highly interactive.  Check out some of the features here.




Using the top menu, you can navigate between pages:

articles is the main feature of the website with a large database of articles writen every month by an international team of writers from Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Ghana, Germany, Canada, Greece and USA.  Most of the leaders have been Presidents or District Representatives within Rotary, AIESEC or other non-for-profit organizations.

-  by registering (at no charge), you get access to the blog, open to past and current presidents of organizations such as Rotaract, Leo's Club, AIESEC, Scouts, CASA and other associations. This opens a network to discuss ideas and challenges with young adults who share a common experience.  It also allows you to make connections and friendships, breaking bounderies of geographic location or organizations.  It fosters collaboration and knowledge building to achieve more.

-  The Reader's Orientation section where you are presently navigating has the aim of guiding you through the website to make the most out of your visit to the Platform.

-   The Writers' Center is a place for writers and editors on the network to get access to screenshots and videos helping them through the process of sharing their ideas.  Because there is no one location where this project exists and that we continuously get more contributors to the site, this provides a useful tool to learn how we work.

About The Team is a section describing all actors involved in producing the Platform.  Behind the team of writers, there is also a marketing team, a technical (programming and design) team and a professional development team, all working together to make this website the best possible.

How can I navigate
through the site?






 The website is designed to optimize the time spent on it, and to help you find the information that is most relevant to you without hassle :

  • The website has two navigation menus.  The top bar is a menu that lets you navigate through different sections (blog, articles, reader orientation, writers' center, team and contact).  The left-hand bar contains quick access to different article categories (leadership, communication, community, healthy living, professional and student life, hobbies...).
  • A search box lets you enter precise keywords which concern the subject you want to research. 
  • A special tagging system connects articles to each other based on the reader's profile, accross various categories.  Look at the bottom of the article for these suggested readings. 
  • The main page also integrates a system similar to dig it, that posts both the most recent articles and the most popular (based on a combination of your rating at the top of each article, and of the number of times articles are being viewed).  

What other projects
is the Platform involved in?






   In the next five years, the Platform for Innovation and Leadership hopes to expand into four different types of activites to better consolidate the services it gives through the website. 

    The website itself will have more interactive features like video documentaries studying real-case team work, monthly podcasts with interviews of professionals and academia, and quizzes.

     In addition, the Platform will also be giving advanced leadership seminars adapted for culturally diverse environments, both in Canada and in other countries depending on where our travels take us and where members are present to facilitate those exchanges.  Our workshops will keep the highly feedback-sensitivity and the interactivity that our website currently has to learn, exchange and build new friendships.

      The Platform would also like to offer any help and support to clubs wishing to get advice from our diverse team of past presidents and district representatives.  The consultantions, always free of charge, could include an assessment of the organization's culture, of its development stage, of ideas and tangible, physical toolkits deisnged just for your organization based on what each organization would request.  

      Last, internships from various companies could help form a partnership where companies get passionate, involved leaders to work for a summer internship, in exchange of which members of the Platform get a chance of launching their careers and to bring back additional real work experience to the articles they share with the community.    


Who makes this Platform?


A very large team is collaborating internationally to make possible the publication of this website.  The prototype version of this version was initially realized by 27 university students and young professionals from various organizations like AIESEC, Rotaract, RYLA, I Love Haters, iTeam and Zinch Flavor.  This team was spread over Australia, Canada, Germany, Ghana, Greece, New Zealand, USA, and Taiwan, and consisted of smaller teams covering research and writing, marketing, deisgn and programming. 

Today the team is getting larger with new readers, new contributers and new interest from companies for internship placement.  It also strives to include established professionals in its network for gaining insight into various careers.  We are always interested in hearing back from you and in considering new writers so do not hesitate to send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  


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