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Written by Corina Mihaela Paraschiv   
Tuesday, 11 December 2007 11:35
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What other projects
is the Platform involved in?






   In the next five years, the Platform for Innovation and Leadership hopes to expand into four different types of activites to better consolidate the services it gives through the website. 

    The website itself will have more interactive features like video documentaries studying real-case team work, monthly podcasts with interviews of professionals and academia, and quizzes.

     In addition, the Platform will also be giving advanced leadership seminars adapted for culturally diverse environments, both in Canada and in other countries depending on where our travels take us and where members are present to facilitate those exchanges.  Our workshops will keep the highly feedback-sensitivity and the interactivity that our website currently has to learn, exchange and build new friendships.

      The Platform would also like to offer any help and support to clubs wishing to get advice from our diverse team of past presidents and district representatives.  The consultantions, always free of charge, could include an assessment of the organization's culture, of its development stage, of ideas and tangible, physical toolkits deisnged just for your organization based on what each organization would request.  

      Last, internships from various companies could help form a partnership where companies get passionate, involved leaders to work for a summer internship, in exchange of which members of the Platform get a chance of launching their careers and to bring back additional real work experience to the articles they share with the community.    

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Who is the Platform for?