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Written by Corina Mihaela Paraschiv   
Tuesday, 11 December 2007 11:35
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Who is the Platform for?
How is the Platform different from other sites?
What can I do on this website?
How can I navigate through the website?
What other projects is the Platform involved in?
Who runs the Platform?
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How can I navigate
through the site?






 The website is designed to optimize the time spent on it, and to help you find the information that is most relevant to you without hassle :

  • The website has two navigation menus.  The top bar is a menu that lets you navigate through different sections (blog, articles, reader orientation, writers' center, team and contact).  The left-hand bar contains quick access to different article categories (leadership, communication, community, healthy living, professional and student life, hobbies...).
  • A search box lets you enter precise keywords which concern the subject you want to research. 
  • A special tagging system connects articles to each other based on the reader's profile, accross various categories.  Look at the bottom of the article for these suggested readings. 
  • The main page also integrates a system similar to dig it, that posts both the most recent articles and the most popular (based on a combination of your rating at the top of each article, and of the number of times articles are being viewed).  

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Who is the Platform for?