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Written by Corina Mihaela Paraschiv   
Tuesday, 11 December 2007 11:35
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Who is the Platform for?
How is the Platform different from other sites?
What can I do on this website?
How can I navigate through the website?
What other projects is the Platform involved in?
Who runs the Platform?
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 What can I do
on this website?

This website is easily navigable and highly interactive.  Check out some of the features here.




Using the top menu, you can navigate between pages:

articles is the main feature of the website with a large database of articles writen every month by an international team of writers from Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Ghana, Germany, Canada, Greece and USA.  Most of the leaders have been Presidents or District Representatives within Rotary, AIESEC or other non-for-profit organizations.

-  by registering (at no charge), you get access to the blog, open to past and current presidents of organizations such as Rotaract, Leo's Club, AIESEC, Scouts, CASA and other associations. This opens a network to discuss ideas and challenges with young adults who share a common experience.  It also allows you to make connections and friendships, breaking bounderies of geographic location or organizations.  It fosters collaboration and knowledge building to achieve more.

-  The Reader's Orientation section where you are presently navigating has the aim of guiding you through the website to make the most out of your visit to the Platform.

-   The Writers' Center is a place for writers and editors on the network to get access to screenshots and videos helping them through the process of sharing their ideas.  Because there is no one location where this project exists and that we continuously get more contributors to the site, this provides a useful tool to learn how we work.

About The Team is a section describing all actors involved in producing the Platform.  Behind the team of writers, there is also a marketing team, a technical (programming and design) team and a professional development team, all working together to make this website the best possible.

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Who is the Platform for?