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Written by Christian Yaw Gbewordo   
Thursday, 10 January 2008 12:50


The points below will help the Club President provide the impetus and motivation necessary to create, nurture and sustain a highly-committed and exceptionally-performing Rotaract Club.


The Club President should:


  • Provide a sense of purpose for the members and the club. Have clearer, succinct goals and objectives, and an inspiring vision of what you want the club to become.


  • Have principles, morals, ideals that s/he believes in, and live up to. For e.g. Rotary’s 4-Way Test. You should promote ethics and standards, and your own decisions and behaviours should be synonymous with them.


  • Enlighten team members, keep them in the picture regarding plans and progress, and communicate rapidly and regularly about important matters that affect the members and the club.


  • Be thoughtful, pay due attention to the members and refrain from violating them; include them in your thinking, and recognise the value of the diverse talents and outlook which members have.


  • Be exemplary, serve as a model for the club members. Your leadership style should encourage them to give of their best, and set examples from which club members are motivated to aspire to and emulate.


  • Radiate and display oomph, vigor, liveliness, and enthusiasm.  Discern when to cut through corporate officialdom to establish clear action plans and priorities, and take prompt decisions to ensure that the club achieves its objectives.

I trust that the above insights will help us all be better leaders and improve the quality of our leadership.

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