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Written by Corina Mihaela Paraschiv   
Thursday, 06 December 2007 11:51
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“ People rarely struggle with an issue because of the lack of some specific piece of information; often, the best help is helping the person to come to a better understanding of their issue, how it developed, and how they can identify actions to address the issue more effectively.” 

 -  Authenticity Consulting

What volunteering really is about


            It has been my personal experience, either working for employers or working as a leader, that the people I am working with – myself included – are just that – people.  They make mistakes, they are not flawless.  



            The important question therefore is, as a leader, what to do about it.  That question also ties in to our attitude when we do service in our community.  Consider this : Upon volunteering one day, I came back very upset from a home with severely disabled young adults of my age.  They were paralyzed, and mentally challenged, and I was scandalized by the fact that no matter how many hours I would spend singing to them or keeping them company, it would never be enough.  It would never change their condition.  And it is easy to sign a cheque or solve a problem but you will find that the most challenging opportunities come when you are faced with your own limitations : you are not the answer to someone else.



            That was a true lesson for me which I maintain in my leadership every day; although I am work with unperfect people – I am not the solution to them, to their problems.  The value of singing to the disabled young adults, for instance, resided in company and friendship, a rather “untangible” measure, more than on concrete results.  It is the same with a leadership role; a president has a duty to accompany the members through difficult times, but he does not always have to provide a solution and tell someone what they should have been doing.  Instead, view it as a chance for capacity building, for empowering the people you work with to better understand what they are going through, why it is happening and how they may overcome the problem.    

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