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Written by Corina Mihaela Paraschiv   
Thursday, 06 December 2007 02:09
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Operational vs Strategic Management : Clubs require both
The Concrete Example : Recruitement
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            Did you ever nottice when you talked with members of other clubs how you never quite seem to speak the same language?  You come up with a fundraising idea, they tell you about their own club's, you ask each other how it went and the dialogue ends here.  Or perhaps you decide to give their idea a try.  I know our club tried the famous Samosas fundraising -- which with two other clubs in our district makes really good profit -- and we barely broke even.  And that's after people that were part of the volunteering crew bought quite a few themselves.  This is all to say, circumstances are so different from one organization to the other that there is no "quick fix", universal solution to the same problem in two different clubs, or chapters.  






            Does this mean we have nothing to exchange and talk about?  Certainly not!  And the reason being, despite our different situations (which require different tactics to be adopted), it is possible to share common objectives.  In fact, whenever we meet others from another non-for-profit organizations or from another chapter of the same association we belong to, we can have a really interesting dialogue if we discuss objectives and strategies, rather than tactics only, as objectives are based on a vision -- and that is something worth being excited about!   Let's revisit the case of recruiting a new member. 


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