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Written by Corina Mihaela Paraschiv   
Friday, 14 December 2007 21:25

     Traveling to a foreign country is a beautiful experience.  As a young leader, you will most likely be invited to participate at some point in your mandate to an international convention, a district reunion, a study exchange, a study abroad programme or some national leadership programme.  In the thrill of your preparatives, you may also be wondering how life will be like.  Although often discussed as a negative point, I personally find it is part of the charm of traveling - you learn a lot about yourself and others as you look at how they adapt to a new environment. 

      The following presentation is a pdf version with 20 slides that guide you through the process of going to a new country, from the moment you decide to go until the moment you return home.  Although knowing about culture shock helps, it certainly doesn't make it possible to avoid it.  Furthuremore, you have to imagine the steps as happening simulatenously; it is very unlikely that the country shock and the culture shock happen sequentially such as I've presented it in the presentation.  Rather, living in a new culture is being bombarded with new information and stimulating experiences at every instant.  Being prepared to it will make the experence very enjoyable and will help you integrate better in the community.

      If you are on the other side of the miror it is also an interesting opportunity : welcoming students into your community and integrating them into your culture also begins with understanding their experience as new commers. 

      " Going Abroad? "  
      Requirements : Adobe Acrobat Reader 

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