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Written by Dennis White   
Monday, 02 March 2009 17:57

Developped for the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, this pledge is a great thing to copy down in your journal before setting out on a trip abroad, and keeping it in mind during the trip.




1.   I hereby have permission to be imperfect with regard to understanding cultural diversity and issues among and between cultures.


2.   It is OK if I do not know all the answers or if, at times, my ignorance and misunderstanding become obvious.


3.   I may make many unintentional mistakes while trying to communicate.


4.   I have permission to ask questions that may appear stupid.


5.   I have permission to struggle with these issues and to be direct and honest about my feelings.



 6.   I have the right to state my opinions and preferences. 


7.   I do not have to feel guilty or stupid about my level of cultural understanding. 


8.   I will take responsibility for what I can do now:
a.   I will try to learn as much as I can about my own and others' cultures.
b.   I will try to be non‑defensive when confronted with my own ethnocentrism.
c.   I will work to change ethnocentric attitudes.
d.      I will celebrate cultural diversity whenever I can.

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