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Written by District Rotaractors (7040)   
Sunday, 19 October 2008 12:55

During the Rotaract District Conference 2008 of the district 4070 (Ontario, Quebec, and NY), a team of Rotaractors from across the district got together to discuss the opportunities Rotaractors had at every level of the organization to get involved in the community and the world, and gain friendships and new skills.  The results of their discussion were sumed up under the form of a table.

Making every Rotaractor aware of the possibilities open to him is a great way to encourage your Rotaractors to pursue their involvement with the club and to get better trained, more motivated members.  And after all -- if we can help our members, by sharing all this great information with them -  why not do it?

 Short-Term Long-Term

- International projects (eg. Polio Plus)
- UN Rotary Day (in November)
- Take part in hosting International
   visiting Rotaractors and in showing them
   your culture and your country as they swing by

- Rotaract Camps around the world
  (one to two weeks camps in another
   country with Rotaractors)

-  Short Term Exchange Programs
    Next Generation, where you can
    visit a country and meet other rotaractors

-  Internaitonal Rotary Convention

-  International RYLA

-  Rotaract Pre-Convention

-  Ambassadorial Scholarship, Cultural and World Peace Scholarship

- Peace and Conflict Studies Program

- Group Study Exchange Program (for young professionals)

- EUCO European Rotaract Convention


- Inter-Rota conference 

-  Take part in the Rotaract Leadership Institute


- RYLA district program (Rotary Youth Leadership Award)

 - District Conference

- Prepare pre-convention

-  Become a DRR or offer your help to the DRR if you want to facilitate in a training, write a cool article that can help
clubs run more effectively or market better or recruit better, etc.

-  Start a district service project

 - Organize an exchange with a club within your district for a weekend.  A cool get-together :)

 -  Participate in Rotary events (reach out to ambassadorial scholars' activities, or visit your rotary clubs, help them with a project they run, etc.

-  Take part or even help organize or facilitate your District Leadership Training

-  Get involved in your MDIO with inter-district communications


 -  Show up at the weekly meetings of your sponsoring Rotary Clubs (as well as your own club's!)

- Club Service Project

- Inter-club projects

- Join the executive team

- Raise awareness about Rotaract and causes

- Join a Committee such as internaitonal service, local service, recruitement, professional devleopment...


- Have a presence in your Rotary Sponsor club

- Volunteer for Rotary projects within your district

- Mentor an interact club (who can also make great potential rotaract members)


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