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Rotaract Opportunities : What's in it for me? PDF Print E-mail
Written by District Rotaractors (7040)   
Sunday, 19 October 2008 12:55

During the Rotaract District Conference 2008 of the district 4070 (Ontario, Quebec, and NY), a team of Rotaractors from across the district got together to discuss the opportunities Rotaractors had at every level of the organization to get involved in the community and the world, and gain friendships and new skills.  The results of their discussion were sumed up under the form of a table.

Making every Rotaractor aware of the possibilities open to him is a great way to encourage your Rotaractors to pursue their involvement with the club and to get better trained, more motivated members.  And after all -- if we can help our members, by sharing all this great information with them -  why not do it?

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Decisive Career Development: 101 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Christian Yaw Gbewordo   
Friday, 15 February 2008 15:47

Have you got the ardent desire to develop your career?

Does your current job permit you to develop your career?

Are your skills and talents being recognised and appreciated?



Planning, steady career stock-taking, skills and knowledge-base update are essentials for any employee desiring to grow and develop his/her career. In this presentation I will seek to give some pointers any career-oriented employee can pursue to stay focused and competitive in achieving career goals.


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Global flavour to local taste PDF Print E-mail
Written by Umang   
Wednesday, 14 May 2008 10:50

Relishing the gastronomic delights offered at various Indian, Mexican, French, Chinese and a collection of other restaurants in Montreal, I made an interesting observation: the majority of the people savouring the delightful and rich cuisine offered at these restaurants were mostly those who did not belong to the community to which the restaurant food was specific to. This particular aspect showed me how curious we all are for taking pleasure in diversity, especially when it has to do with something ‘exotic’ and ‘foreign’. Think about the large volumes of embroider handicrafts and eastern clothing designs that sell in western countries, the Latino dance styles like salsa evoke a good amount of enthusiasm and so does the classical Indian music in many of its forms, not to miss out on the runaway success hip hop giving traces Afro-American culture and music and of course the middle eastern Hookah acting as the new generation aroma candy.

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Positive Networking PDF Print E-mail
Written by Husen   
Monday, 21 April 2008 21:30

Since I started business school a year ago there is a myriad of networking events going on around me every month, and I just could not get myself to go to these events despite the pressure from peers, professors and others. No doubt, there is a lot of pressure today, especially in the business community, to network.  So finally, I decided to attend a workshop about networking given by Darcy Rezac because I wanted to settle this issue for myself for good. And I told my self that after this event I will either start networking effectively or I will decide that networking is truly not for me and stop doing it altogether. I went on the day of the workshop and he started by asking a question. “How many people attach a pejorative sense to networking?” and I was probably the first person to raise my hand. He points at me asks me “Why do you think so?” So I gave an answer that Mr. Rezac confirmed was not unique. I said, “Networking implies using human relations for very materialistic ends and I don’t like that”.


After sitting there for two hours I developed a completely new view of networking; a view that is positive, constructive and that I can share with a lot of other people who either dread or otherwise hate networking. Please read on to know what networking is really about.

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Correlating Time Orientations and Burnout : Using Inter-Cultural Skills to Combat Societal Problems PDF Print E-mail
Written by Corina Mihaela Paraschiv   
Monday, 24 March 2008 16:57

Did you ever notice how your relationship to time determines some of the social problems of your country? In South Africa, in Cape Verde, your most important resource is money. Rich people run after money. In North America, time is your most important asset. Rich people run after time. The attitude towards time is therefore drastically different.

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