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Written by Corina Mihaela Paraschiv   
Thursday, 06 December 2007 00:06
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            Rotary literature abounds in examples of urban concerns :


  As cities expand, the availability of adequate housing, employment, health care, safe water, and basic sanitation facilities often declines and ensuring a productive and inclusive community becomes increasingly difficult.  As a result, nearly one out of every three city residents lives in a slum. Disease, crime, unemployment, and homelessness are some of the daily challenges confronting this marginalized population. ”

            Despite of this information being available to them, year after year, Rotaractors in metropolis find it difficult to select a community service project, because most of them cannot relate to any of the difficulties their community is going through.  Imagine a Scout troop that didn't really feel part of the troop -- would they volunteer every week to accompany young cubs in hikes, or to repair the Scout Village?   Would an AIESECer commit so much of his time solely for the words appearing on his resumme, or would he miss the powerful bond that exists between the members of every AIESEC Chapter?


            You see, Rotary International has issued very good recommendations regarding its approach to tackling urban concern issues and the concrete actions that can be taken.  However, it assumes that all Rotaractors have an understanding and a sense of belonging to the community.  But is this really true of your club?  It is my belief the mandate of a leader at the head of a non-for-profit organization (presidents, distrrict representatives, national representatives)  should therefore focus on community – both for the sake of retaining membership and enhance fellowship within the club, and for better community and international service projects.   


            There are a few key components that should be considered when trying to build a community :


“ Building a sense of community requires fostering a sense of connection among citizens and


developing a sense of civic provide. Open communication and networking are key ingredients

in fostering a sense of community. It also takes involved citizens. A sense of community

involves joining together to work on community issues, celebrate, listen, vision, plan, problem

solve, and make decisions.”    (Mary Walsh, Building Citizen Involvement)

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