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Written by Corina Mihaela Paraschiv   
Thursday, 06 December 2007 00:46
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Recruiting : An ongoing process
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          We all have our little tricks to attract new members.  At the last district conference, everyone exchanged ideas on what their club was successfully doing;  some were relying heavily on internet technologies, others didn't recruit at all but functioned with word of mouth, and others had an intensive recruitment week.  All the ideas were excellent -- but it occurred to me that most of us were seeing recruitment as a punctual activity we could do a few times a year and close the topic at that.  The fact is that having a new member into your organization is a little bit like having a friendship;  Relationship between prospective members in volunteer clubs and the club itself can be compared to the relationships customers have with companies.  Following the theory laid out by Zeithaml, the relationship you have with your members could evolve from complete strangers to partners. Holding your Frosh events or luring candidates with treats is then only the beginning of the story!  Let us look at the entire recruitment process from the very top.




             Before students in your university or young adults in your community hear about your organization, you are a total stranger to them.  It may be that they have not entered any other club at all, or that they are already in another club (a form of competition).  What do you do with such disinterested people?  You inform them!  Think of all the hype around clubs fair and volunteer fairs, and the brochures and posters you put everywhere, and the website you designed.  You're trying to give them enough information – but not too much – to get them interested in joining.  First message : hey, we exist, come check us out!  Second message : this is who we are, what we do, what we offer.  This is typically what we all talk about when we exchange ideas on how to recruit.  And that is a very important step indeed-- how would someone join your organization if they didn't even know you existed??   So now they know you do exist, and they know who you are -- at least you gave them a little teaser.  


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