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Written by Corina Mihaela Paraschiv   
Thursday, 06 December 2007 00:06
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The Importance of Community Building
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             Today's society is built around mobility.  I see it in Canada, where I live, but I am ready to bet that no matter where you live, something quite similar is happening too. Canada's population over the age of 15 is made up of 73,84% of immigrants, and urban areas attract more population from rural areas each year.  In our university alone, 4 443 students, which represents about 10% of the student body in 2006-2007 academic year, are International Students, away from home and attempting to find a sense of community in a university of 40 000 students.  Yet life in this city and at school is not built around a concept of community; it is not uncommon for neighbours to be strangers, and the societal structure in place is made in a way that people are isolated with technologies such as television, cell phones and internet, rather than interacting with their immediate environment.  It comes at no surprise therefore, that many university students and young professionals feel minimal attachment, if not disconnection from the place where they live. 

            Yet, a sense of community is vital for any organization to strive.  It brings a sense of identity and pride, and is made possible through processes such as communication, inter-group relations and networking.  For people in a group to take action towards a problem, the problem must first be recognized by all the members of that group.  That is made more difficult by the fact that, due to the mobility they now have, people feel disconnected from their community and they feel little responsibility towards it. 


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