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Written by Corina Mihaela Paraschiv   
Tuesday, 10 February 2009 21:54
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Membership Retention & Rotaractors Satisfaction
Reactions to Negative Encounters
Why Rotaractors Do Complain
Why Rotaractors Sometimes Don't Complain
How to Break the Silence
How to Handle Complaints
The Importance of Reacting
Why You Shouldn't Rely on Complaints
Implications and Additional Resources
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Even though we try our best to lead a Rotaract Club successfully, it can happen, as a Club President, as an Executive, as a Rotaract member, that we make mistakes. 


Does it matter?  Yes it does, since volunteers that are not satisfied may decide to leave the club and then that brings on a rentetion issue.  Is all lost?  Certainly not, by acting quickly, a Rotaract Club can mend the broken relationships with members and continue to thrive. 


Let's look at this phenomenon more in detail.  We'll discover what courses of action unsatisfied Rotaractors usually take, why they complain and what you can do about it if the members chose to complain, why you cannot simply rely on waiting for Rotaractors to tell you they're not satisfied before acting, and the benefits of paying attention to what Rotaractors want in your club.

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