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Written by Christian Yaw Gbewordo   
Thursday, 27 December 2007 08:51

A lot of people dread attending meetings come to think of organising a successful one.  Below are a few questions to ask yourself as the convener of the meeting to help make your next meeting productive 

•   Do we really need a meeting?
•   Why are we calling this meeting?
•   What do we hope to achieve?
•   What sort of meeting would be best?
•   Who can contribute?
•   How big should the meeting be?
•   When is the best time?
•   Where is the best place?
•   How much time will be necessary to accomplish the tasks?
•   How much time can we afford?
•   How do we let people know about the meeting?
•   When should the notice be sent?
•   Will a reminder notice be necessary?
•   Has a meeting room been booked?
•   Will refreshments be needed?
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