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Getting Teamwork Right PDF Print E-mail
Written by Umang Handa   
Thursday, 21 February 2008 22:08

In the last project with my team, I had found a peculiar pattern in the work habits of the members. Basically nobody wanted to do nothing!! They used to get motivated after every meeting, giving each other an impression they were the right people to get everything set and then there was this thing with the evasion of their duties afterwards. Sometimes I had funny responses like, “Oh! was I supposed to do it?”

Perplexing though, I tried a number of ways to get them to do what they have to, and finally I gave a successful presentation to change the entire workflow following which the team went out and got everything right. Looking back I can now tell what made them do what they had to and here it goes for all you people out there interested in teamwork....

a) Make them the owner:

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Internationlism and Mobility of Workers : The Experience of Expats PDF Print E-mail
Written by Corina Mihaela Paraschiv   
Tuesday, 19 February 2008 18:32


*names have been modified to preseve privacy


            Traveling in the Seychelles Islands has been a most impacting experience for me.  People say it is impossible to experience culture shock while we stay only two days in a country, because we never really get out of the honeymoon stage of it.  Yet I found a way to be truely immersed, and that is, to follow a Seychellois-expat couple around the island on a Sunday afternoon.  Through their eyes, I saw not only a new country but also the reality of expatriates abroad – people who live in a culture other than their own. 

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Conflicts : Why Should I Care? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Corina Mihaela Paraschiv   
Tuesday, 19 February 2008 18:29

         After its first year of existence, our Rotaract Club was facing a crisis; the members of the club complained that projects didn't launch and that schedules were never met.  The president argued back that we simply did not have enough resources to make it on time with that many projects.  Other members argued that without diversity in the choices of projects, no one would join the club in the first place.  Some signed a petition saying the president had too much of an autoritary style while others in the management recognized a democracy slowed down decision making and that views were too scattered for people to reach a concensus on many levels.  The club was not doing well and because of poor conflict management skills on all sides, the club almost fell appart.  Well folks, wise up, because there are winning ways to handle situations like that.

Culture Shock Revisited PDF Print E-mail
Written by Corina Mihaela Paraschiv   
Tuesday, 19 February 2008 18:22


            In the article “Going Abroad”, country shock and culture shock were explored through the equivalent of a U-shaped model; the fascination of going somewhere new, the sudden difficulties of being a foreigner, the sudden awareness that we are going back home, the joy of being back home.  In truth, after being away from home for such a long time, and traveling in several countries that had such a different lifestyle than mine, I realized heading back home would be just as big of a culture shock as it had been to come in.  Revisiting the notion of culture shock, we can gather a number of different ideas from specialists in the field. 


Will Culture Shock happen to me?

The Importance of Market Research to Non-Profit PDF Print E-mail
Written by Husen   
Monday, 18 February 2008 12:16

Are you involved with a non-profit organization?

Do you enjoy creating new projects?

Are you passionate about new and innovative ideas?

Congratulations, people like you are what keep society advancing and civilization evolving. But chances are you have either witnessed or gotten involved in a project that fell apart within a few weeks or months from starting it. Today I am calling upon you to take a few minutes and figure out why those projects failed and how to avoid losing too much time and resources on other projects in the future.

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